Lucidchart Reveals Google Drive Integration By Mistake

We have been hearing about Google’s planned move into the realm of cloud storage service but so far, we don’t have a definite time when the search giant may reveal ‘Google Drive.’ Now, however, the website of an online diagramming tool, Lucidchart, has mistakenly revealed its support for Google Drive integration. That only means that Google is nearing the launch of this service.

Lucidchart added a link to Google Drive integration page on its user control panel. Apparently, this was by sheer mistake and the company was quick to take it off before long. However, we can now safely assume that Lucidchart has plans of adding support for Google Drive integration to its tool.

This also means that perhaps Google is finally nearing the launch of its cloud storage service. Because usually, third-party for a product is usually added when the product is in its final stages. Moreover, we can safely assume that folks at Lucidchart are also well aware of the actual launch of the service.

The CEO of Lucidchart, Karl Sun, has been at a senior position at Google and still enjoys cordial relations with the company. So he probably knows of the progress on Google’s cloud storage service. Also, it seems that Google has plans of making its cloud service much more than a personal storage service. In a way, the company seems to have plans of unveiling a cloud storage platform which will be compatible with multiple partners.


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