100,000 Stars: Best Astronomy App For Chrome Browser

Google has provided several apps for its Chrome browser to show off what it is capable of. But the latest app it has unveiled might be the best till now. This app lets anyone discover the universe and roam around the universe from the web browser.

Travel Galaxy Through Chrome App

Google has released the 100,000 Stars app on November 14. The app uses Chrome’s WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio and allows the users to look at over 100,000 nearby stars including neighboring stars as seen from our own solar system. For a while users will have no option but to think that they are really in galaxy and surfing.

Users will find the name of each star labelled on the stars. When users will take their cursor on them, the names will be flashed in a bigger font and when they click on a name, they will see the additional information of that star. When the users will dismiss the text by pressing cross sign (x) a digital representation will be revealed that shows what scientists believe the star looks like. The data are pulled from astrometric databases and catalogs to show accurate relative locations of the stars.

The visualization and sound brings a fabulous experience to users to have a view of the stars without visiting space/galaxy. Besides the fictitious star chart navigation systems is awesome. Such types of star chart navigation systems are seen in sci-fi movies. However, this app has been made for Google Chrome and works best in Chrome browser. This app may not work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or in other browsers.

Source : 100,000 Stars App
Thanks To : TheNextWeb

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