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Users of Google’s upcoming social network Google+ can now have the posts of friends from other countries translated almost instantly with a new translator tool from the search giant and this is an extension on Google’s Chrome browser, which translate Google+ streams using integrated, inline, Google Translate support. The Google Chrome extension can access a Google+ user’s data on and it supported Indonesian, German, English, Filipino, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Romanian languages……………….


Google+ just got Google Translate features thanks to a Chrome extension, the news of which was posted on Google+ by Josh Estelle of Google and shared by Robert Scoble. Scoble says that the feature works great and allows the translation of non-English content on Google+.

To translate a Google+ post, just click the inline ‘Translate’ button directly below each post. This will translate and highlight the text for you. The button will change to a ‘Show Original’ option to allow you to revert it back.

TNW, played around with the extension a bit and it definitely does work, offering the same quality of translation as you might get from passing a website through Google Translate. Which is to say, it works better sometimes than others and doesn’t translate context well.

There are a few options that allow you to choose which language to translate the post into, the extension supports a bunch, what color you’d like the highlight and whether you’d like the option inline or activated via the extension button. You can access the extension’s settings by visiting chrome://extensions/.  ou can download the extension here on the Chrome Web Store.



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    thats great. I love g translator.

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