Airbnb Rolls Out New Mobile Apps Optimized For Hosts

Airbnb is one of the most popular and widely-used online rent-out services. The company has now rolled out new iOS and Android apps, packing them with a number of new features which are meant to help out Airbnb hosts. The new apps let the hosts take care of the logistical details of every rent-out without any hassles.


A major portion of the new app is ‘Host Home’ which lets a host show off the apartment by setting up photography sessions for it. Moreover, the section also lets a host deal with all the incoming inquiries about his or her apartment and then correspond back to the travelers who may be interested.

Airbnb apps

Airbnb has long been stressing on the need for its hosts to provide excellent hospitality experiences for those who choose to stay at their apartments. This is precisely why in the new app, the company has bumped up the position of reviews so that they are now visible above any given listing. In other words, the first thing you’ll notice about a listing is the guest feedback.

The visibility of the listings has also been improved with the apps displaying larger, clearer photos of apartments alongside the information about them.

Another excellent feature launched by Airbnb, apart from its mobile apps, is the Airbnb Groups. These are essentially networking groups for Airbnb hosts who can create local groups, discuss tips on best to cater to a guest’s requirements as well as share information about local cuisine etc. This is an excellent tool which will help the hosts know about their close colleagues and get help when needed. You can download the iOS and Android apps of Airbnb here.

Source: Airbnb

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