Animated PNGs Being Promoted To Be The Alternate Of GIFs

Although Google has added animated GIF search option, PNG image file format are becoming more popular than GIF. And now Animated PNGs (APNGs), developed by Rei Kagetsuki (the creator of the apngasm), are said to be the alternate of GIFs.


Apngasm is an editing tool, based on the APNG Assembler by developer Max Stepin. The purpose of apngasm is to give designers more options by creating a simple editor for APNG and developers libraries to integrate APNG support. The file format works similarly to GIF, but offers better colors, image quality and the flexibility of PNG images. However, APNG supporters face several major hurdles, including lack of support from Web sites.

The team behind the apngasm at Kickstarter believes that APNG has the ability to gain traction among users frustrated by the limitations of animated GIFs. Apngasm editing tool will create APNG files even easier than GIF. Besides, it will be built in such a way that new open-source software tools will be able to be added for APNG support to websites.

Kagetsuki said, “With apngasm, we will make tools available so users can create content. When users create content and try to put it up and see where it breaks, they will say we want to use APNG on your site. When the site develops it, they will be able to turn to the apngasm library and hopefully implement it easily.” He also added that APNG isn’t meant to replace GIFs, but give developers, Web site designers and artists more tools in their animation arsenal.

Right now, support for APNG has been built into Firefox and Opera and can be added to Chrome with the APNG extension. Apngasm at Kickstarter has already reached its base goal of $5,000 and first stretch goal of $7,500. Now the team is aiming for its second stretches of goal, which will allow apngasm’s team to assemble/dis-assemble APNG natively on platforms like Android.

Backers who give $10 or more will receive a license for the plug-in and further sales will continue to fund the development of APNG tools. Fundraising ends on September 8.

Source: Kickstarter

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