Microsoft Office Apps For iPad Released, Microsoft Word Gains #1 Spot On iPad App Charts

iPad users have looked forward to an iPad version of Office apps since forever. Microsoft finally released the apps a day ago and it they have soared to wild popularity, grabbing the top chart spots for being the most popular iPad apps right now.

Office for iPad

Microsoft’s Office suite is one of the most popular pieces of software used around the globe. It is already available for a whole plethora of platforms apart from Microsoft’s own devices and machines. Many had speculated that an iPad version of the suite would be very useful and most iPad users would really want to get it.

However, Microsoft took its time and apparently worked out all the details of the apps before launching them. This is why as soon as Office for iPad apps were released, they attracted raving reviews and high praise from even the most cynical of the reviewers. The overall look and feel of the apps is sleek and perfectly suited to the best slate in the market.

Moreover, it comes packed with a long list of features, some of them optimal for the Apple tablet. It is no wonder then that within hours of being released, Office apps for iPad have topped the iPad app charts.

iPad top apps

Microsoft Word for iPad has already hit the #1 spot and is expected to stay there awhile. Microsoft Excel for iPad, meanwhile, is trending third in the US market while the fourth spot has been snagged by Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad.

There’s no denying that there’s a voracious appetite for Microsoft’s Office suite out there. The sheer convenience, ease and functionality of the many different software in Office make it an ideal productivity tool as well as a must-have for virtually everyone.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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