AOL Revamps AIM App Get Sleeker Looks And More Better Features

AOL has released a revamped AIM app, a chat client with sleeker looks and many new features. The app has been released so that it can be downloaded for free on Mac OS or Windows and can also be used as a web app.

The new AIM app released by AOL is a huge improvement of the chat-client. A number of new features have been added to the app which makes it more useful. In fact, some features are so excellent and important that they make the app irresistible for many.

AIM app with new features:
The most important feature of this AIM app is that it will store the messages sent to you even while you are offline. The feature wasn’t available with AIM app in the past and it is sure to come in handy for the professionals. Also, the entire history of the chat sessions will be saved in the cloud.

AIM app will also let you group chat. You can also video chat with your friends but this feature won’t be available with group chat. The interface of the app is cool now that a number of panes have been added which will keep you updated with the latest notifications from Facebook and Twitter.

You will also be able to view the video and photo updates from these websites right on your AIM app without having to navigate to these sites. According to AOL, the iPhone app for AIM will be available in the App Store soon. Meanwhile, download the free version and explore the all-new AIM app which is more fun and interactive than ever before.
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