Mozilla Is Launching A Dedicated Browser For Developers On Nov 10

Developers are a significant part of the web, and Mozilla understands that very well. Their productivity is the only thing that has created the vibrant world of web today. But since all of their objectives cannot be confined to a finite set of tools, developers often have to switch between methods to get their jobs done, and it affects their productivity a great deal. Mozilla has come forward and incorporated all possible tools that a developer might need for his job into one browser, which can be greatly beneficial to developers around the world.

Mozilla Launching A Dedicated Browser For Developers

This browser includes important tools like WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter, and developers can debug the whole web with the use of this browser. Mozilla has also promised a lot more in the coming days, and they have asked enthusiasts to stay tuned with their updates. On the other hand, Mozilla has mentioned that “We’re building something unique but familiar“. The following image might be the dedicated browser for the developers.

Dedicated Browser By Mozilla For Developers

Mozilla has confirmed that it will launch this new browser for developers on November 10. Here is a small introduction to the dedicated browser by Mozilla.

Source: Mozilla (Official Blog)

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