Nyabag: A Feature-Rich Task Management App with a Simplistic interface

Most of us lead busy lives. It is quite easy to forget our chores and important tasks. Writing them down on a sticky note or in a physical diary might have been convenient a few years ago but today we have all shifted to things online. Thus the most convenient way to manage tasks is through an online app.

While selecting an online task management application, you will have many options. What you essentially need is something that offers you simplicity yet functionality. And in addition to recording tasks, the app should be able to alert you of important tasks and events. All this is precisely what a web service called Nyabag offers.

Nyabag is a free to use web service that lets you manage tasks online. After you create an account on the site and activate it, you can start adding tasks to your dashboard. While adding a task, you can simply type its title and press the “Enter” key or add a few more details to it. For example, you can add new tasks to a particular list of tasks. You can also set a due date for the task and enable alert for the task. The alerts can be notifications via email and/or through SMS on your phone.


To ensure that your alerts reach you on the appropriate time it is important to select the correct time zone in your account’s settings. Here you can not only select the right time zone but also enter your cellphone information. You can also select a background image from one of the available picture options.


Adding to the set of all these impressive features is an online diary that Nyabag offers you. In this diary you can record your day’s thoughts and events like you would in a physical diary. Later you can rewind to earlier dates to read your diary’s entries.


Nyabag, in conclusion, is an excellent task management application for people who are looking for simplistic feature-rich tool. You can visit the site @ http://www.nyabag.com/

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