Chrome Remote Desktop App Will Soon Come To iOS And Android Devices

Chrome‘s desktop manifestation has been very helpful for professionals in that it lets them keep track of multiple computers using a single Google ID. Now, the same feature is expected to arrive on iOS and Android devices soon.

Chrome remote desktop

The idea here is to essentially allow a mobile user to keep track of his desktop machine(s) through Chrome. It isn’t clear exactly how this is going to work but Chromium developers have apparently been talking about it and such a remote desktop app for mobile devices is on the cards.

For now, what we know for sure is that an official Chrome app for Android is on its way. This app will allow Android users to keep tabs on their desktops, much the same way the PC version of the feature works. However, the latest news suggest that an iOS app will follow in the footsteps of the expected release of the Android app.

According to Chromium developers, the iOS app is still in the works and as of yet, is at the ‘unpolished’ design stage. In other words, the essential work of the app is apparently done and the developers are simply working on its interface right now.

That shouldn’t be surprising since the interface of such an app will be critical in its success. Accessing a desktop through a mobile device doesn’t sound a great idea unless the app in question provides a very smart way of doing so.

Courtesy: Engadget

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