Developers Submit 15,000 New BlackBerry 10 Apps Within 38 Hours

RIM is positioning itself to finally launch its BlackBerry 10 devices with a bang. The company is all set to unveil the much-anticipated and much-touted BB10 devices within the next few weeks. And to complement the launch, the company is actively bolstering its apps collection, having recently received nearly 15,000 apps submissions in less than two days.

BlackBerry 10

As it is, apps ecosystem is what turns out to be a make-or-break deal for most customers. One of the primary reasons why both iOS and Android devices are such a success is the fact that both platforms boasts huge collections of apps. The BlackBerry 10 platform may be a bit lagging in that but it seems to be catching up fast.

Through prizes, contests and numerous other incentives, RIM has been successful in enticing the developers enough. These developers, in turn, have flocked to the company to submit their new BB10 apps. The company recently hosted two Port-a-thon events, each of which sought new BB10 games and apps from the developers.

The prize for each app approved by the store was $100. Not only that, there were many other prizes. These included a free PlayBook tablet to such developers who were the first to submit two to five approved apps. For those submitting more than 5 approved apps, RIM included their names in a random draw the winner of which was to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

Say what they will about BlackBerry 10, even the fiercest critics haven’t been able to play down the fact that RIM has been able to network with BB10 developers in an excellent way, the likes of which are not seen on other platforms. And even though BB10 may start with comparatively modest beginnings, the platform is beginning to show its potential just ahead of its launch.

Courtesy: The Verge

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