[KickStarter] CoreVia Connect – A New, Intuitive App For Remote Desktop Use

Using remote desktop clients on tablets so that you can access your PC or Mac is a really useful feature, especially if you have to work across multiple machines. However, once you reach the desktop of your PC or Mac via such an app, the tablet screen is too small to accommodate the whole view. CoreVia team has devised a cool new solution for this.

CoreVia Connect

CoreVia Connect is essentially a new app that makes working through remote desktop a very easy and intuitive task. The problem with regular remote desktop apps is that once you reach the desktop of your PC through them, the icons are too small for the tablet screen. So, for instance, when you try to click a desktop icon on the tablet touchscreen, you have to tap half a dozen times before you get it right.

CoreVia Connect

CoreVia Connect solves this problem by creating a new, customized multitasking bar with large icons. Once you reach the remote desktop, the multitasking bar icons are automatically detected. You get a bar with larger icons so that you can tap on them very easily.

CoreVia Connect

Moreover, the app also provides an ‘Overview mode’ where you can see all the apps you are currently running on your machine. This overview shows large icons of all these apps so that you can easily navigate to any of them with a single tap.

The team also claims that it has worked diligently to make its app very secure. In fact, CoreVia claims that it’s security is virtually ‘unhackable.’ The best part about this app is that the team is offering CoreVia Connect for free to the Mac users. It is already available in the iTunes Store and you can try it out for free.

However, the team also needs money to sustain itself and release the same app for other platforms, such as Android and Windows Phone. You can donate on the widget posted below and join the waiting list for the full version of the app once it is released. If you’re already checking the free app from iTunes Store, a donation will upgrade that app automatically once it is released by the team.

We think that the app is certainly worth a shot. Especially for such users who have to switch regularly between their computers and tablets, this can be a very valuable addition.

Source: KickStarter

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