Dropbox Has Partnered With Microsoft, Made The App Available For Windows Phones

It came as a surprise to all when Dropbox dropped the bomb day before yesterday, announcing that they were forming a partnership with Microsoft. Their official blog stated the fact, and included all the features and updates that users should expect from this newly formed camaraderie.

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The latest scoop is that Dropbox is soon coming for Windows Phone and Tablets. But iPad users will be benefited the most, since an update in the coming weeks will allow them to connect their accounts and integrate Dropbox with the Office Suite. With this new cooperation, existing users of Dropbox and Microsoft Office will also be highly benefited, since the two will be closely integrated from now on. Dropbox users, who also happen to be Office users, can now directly edit their documents of Dropbox by using their Office suite. In near future, this will be the standard way to edit files over Dropbox.

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Also, users will be able to make changes to their files from right within the Dropbox app.

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Not only this, iPad users can also share Dropbox links right from their Office.

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Although Microsoft already owns apps like OneDrive cloud storage, they have expressed their excitement over this partnership and amalgamation of the services.

Dropbox is also doing their share to make this partnership a modest success by pushing their mobile app users to install Office apps in order to be able to edit files within the Dropbox mobile app. After installation, your Dropbox account and Office files will be synced easily, and editing with these two platforms will become easier than ever. For now, all iOS and Android users are required an Office 365 subscription in order to avail editing opportunities via this app.

Dropbox is planning to support Office Online directly from within their web app in the beginning of 2015 because billions of Office documents are already saved over various Dropbox accounts. Once implemented, the files will be edited inside the app and will automatically be placed back into the respective Drobox accounts.

Both the companies are thrilled by the partnership, and believe that they would manage to create a better experience for both Dropbox and Office users.

Sources: Dropbox Blog
Via: The Verge, TNW

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