Google Improve Gmail App For iOS 5

Google made a come-back on the App store after a disastrous debut. The company claims that it has fixed all the bugs that were contained in the first version of the App. Let’s see how true that is and how good is Google App for use on iOS.

The goods:
As you log on to your new Gmail App, you are taken right to your inbox. Swipe it aside and you get a number of useful menu options. You can also add a number of labels to your mails. A very useful feature in the new Gmail App is the colour-coding of message-headers of different people in a conversation. In fact you can attach multiple files to a single mail, be they photos or documents. This feature isn’t available in native Gmail app. A major advantage using Gmail App is that you can now add attachments to a mail. You couldn’t do that in the native Gmail app. The search option in Gmail App is also very useful. You can not search not only your inbox but also the entire chat history. The app is now available for iPad too and comes with a multi-column interface.

The bads:
You still can’t make use of multiple accounts and the notifications still aren’t received directly through iOS 5 Notification Centre. Also, you can no longer swipe a message to delete it or move it to another folder. In the native mail app, you can easily swipe messages to a particular folder. In that way, the native mail app is more preferable than the current Google App.

Overall, although the app still lacks a lot of much-needed features, analysts have regarded it as a good improvement by Google.

Image courtesy stefan2904.
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