Google Launches Internet Research Site – Value Of The Web

Google puts on its sociological glasses and this week launches a new website entitled Value of the Web. The aim of this new domain is to collect and archive relevant information from around the world which sheds new light on the economic toll the Internet might be having on all areas of our life.

If you decide to check out the site, you will discover that it already provides 19 studies about the impact of the Internet in countries like Israel, The Czech Republic or Indonesia. You might want to bring out your dictionaries if you are interested in reading the studies, because not all of them have been translated in good old English. Maybe that’s Google’s way of hinting that we should use Google Translate more often. Some studies concerning cloud computing and search impact are also present within the site.

Google uses for this project partners like the Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Access Economics, McKinsey Global Institute or Academic Economist Federico Eco – to name a few, in order to conduct its research.

The launching of the website fits with Google’s strategy of attracting more and more people on the Internet, so we shouldn’t raise our eye brows at these studies that are obviously highlighting the benefits of the Internet. It’s also accustomed for Google to commission studies. Only last year, the company opened a research institute in Berlin, Germany in order to study innovation online. We will probably see some of these research getting publish on the new Value of the Web.


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