Google Shutting Down Its Alfred App On July 19

Seems like Google hasn’t finished dishing out its services. Few months ago Google announced to shut down its popular RSS readers, Google Reader and seven other services as a part of ‘Spring Cleaning’ ritual. And now Google has announced that it will shut down its Alfred app on July 19.


Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. Google acquired it in December 2011. At present, the app is issuing a warning to its impending death and warning users to request data through the feedback tool should they wish to use it post-July 19.

Announcment Of Shutting Down Alfred

Alfred isn’t the first app to have been shut down by the search engine company in recent days. Last Wednesday, Google announced that it would terminate the location-tracker app Google Latitude on August 9.

Source: TechCrunch

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