The Lift App Brings You A Daily Dose Of Motivation

We’ve all gone through times when we vowed to do something, drafted resolutions to that end but eventually gave up a day or two later. Lift is an app which aims to help you with that by keeping you motivated all the way.

Lift challenges

People set a variety of goals for themselves. Some of these are fulfilled and others have to be abandoned for one reason or the other. Mostly, its simply carelessness and sloth which leads to the failure of one or more of our goals.

For instance, many of us want to take up regular workout. Some even try to establish a routine and are excited and motivated for a few days. But then the daily routine closes in, other things beg our attention and we start skipping. Eventually, workout routine goes out of the window entirely.

If you’ve been through a number of such failed attempts of anything ranging from health to education to any other form of personal development, Lift is just the app for you. Currently operated by some of Twitter’s co-founders, this app is great because it constantly challenges you and is a regular reminder of the routine you are trying to establish.

Moreover, it gives you concrete tasks to complete. For instance, if you want to lose weight, it will tell you to stop eating calorie-rich diets for a specific number of days. When you’re presented with such definite deadlines, you are more determined to complete them. The app offers a whole range of such challenges which are led by a ‘Lift coach.’ So there’s someone who guides and helps you along the way, letting you keep yourself motivated as you inch towards the completion of the challenge.

Both Android and iOS versions of the app are available and both are free. You can even sign up on the official Lift website to get that extra dose of inspiration.

Source: Lift/Android/iOS

Courtesy: Business Insider

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