Indian Railway Passengers Can Now Track About 6,500 Trains In Real-Time Via RailRadar

Indian Railways, one of the world’s largest railway networks, has taken the railway system to a new direction. The state-owned railway network has launched a web app that can show the locations of about 6,500 trains in real-time on Google Maps. The web-app is called RailRadar. And, it’s open for all.


Train is the prime media of transport in India. But being one of the world’s largest railroad network with a huge fleet, tracking trains in is not only difficult but also a tedious and painful process. And, when it comes to answer customer queries, the pain seems just too high. To lessen the burden, the Center for Railway information service (CRIS) has launched RailRadar for its customers. Railradar is a web app that runs on top of Google Maps, and open for all. Though the app is made to process information of more than 10,000 trains everyday, at present, any user is able to track around 6,500 trains overlaid on a map in real-time via RailRadar.

To find out the exact location of the train, users simply need to type the name or number of the train, and RailRadar will find it out for them. By entering the name of the station, users will also be able to see all the trains which are arriving at that station or have just departed.

A senior Railway Ministry official involved with the project said, “You no longer have to remember train numbers. Just enter any two station names (like Delhi to Bhubaneswar) and it will bring all the trains available on that route.”

In the above picture, the Blue colored mark shows which trains are on time while the Red colored mark shows which trains are late. Besides by clicking on a train, RailRadar will show the entire route (from beginning to ending) of that train. However anyone can access the RailRadar through the railway website

Source : Indian Railways
Thanks To : The Economic Times

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