Manage Your iPhone Contacts Smartly With FullContact

How often have you missed on that latest switch in companies a friend of yours did and you never knew it until very late? Or that an¬†acquaintance¬†of yours set up a new website and you didn’t even know about it? It happens often in today’s fast changing world. So what is the solution to it all? I think a software which can keep tabs on the contacts in your list and also their social, public profiles so that it could notify you of any changes, right at the moment when the occur. And FullContact does exactly that for you.

So how does this work?

FullContact Cloud Storage And Restore Options:
First of all, the FullContact for iOS loads all your contacts to your FullContact Cloud Address Book account. This way, your contacts are safe and secure. Now the best thing about this cloud storage is that at one hand, it will keep updating the contacts in the address book by pulling the latest updates from the social media accounts of your contacts. But that’s not it. What’s even awesome is that you can restore your contacts back to any point in time that you want to! This means that even if FullContact updates your contacts’ information regularly, you can undo this and view their information as it was at some previous point.

Automatic updates to your device:
This is where the best of this utility comes out. You sure want to have the latest, up-to-date information of the contact info of your contacts, right? FullContact does that for you at run-time. Now let’s assume that one of your contacts changed his email id and updated the new email id on his professional account on LinkedIn. FullContact will immediately pull that new email id and update the info in your iPhone Address Book with this new information. And all this happens in real-time, so you get updated right when a new bit of info about your contacts comes up. Not to mention the fact, like I mentioned before, your entire Address Book is also automatically saved in your FullContact Cloud account, so you have an auto-backup for your Address Back, on the go!

This utility is absolutely free of cost for now. Although the developers plan to offer some paid services eventually but for now, all these aforementioned awesome features are absolutely free of cost. You can get it right away here.

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Salman Latif is a software engineer with a specific interest in social media, big data and real-world solutions using the two.Other than that, he is a bit of a gypsy. He also writes in his own blog. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter .

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