Extension.fm Extends Your Music Taste, Challenge To Pandora, Spotify

Most people can’t live without music. That’s how platinum multi-selling artists were born in the world. People will chase after music, they will buy, download, stream, share it, it doesn’t matter in which country you find yourself in. And Extension.fm or Ex.fm adds to the experience. If you decide to use it, you can turn the entire web into your very own playlist. The amazing thing about Extension.fm is that it recommends you lots of interesting fresh new stuff, thus enabling you to satisfy your urge for music.

Here are some basic information you need in order to get around with Extension.fm. First thing is first, you need to create an account. Even if it doesn’t do anything more than store the titles of the songs you Like, give access to your Feed of songs and offers information about who you are following and who follows you. Some may think that Extension.fm doesn’t have any chance, because there already are services like Spotify.

To find a particular artist just enter its name or the song title you’re looking for in the search bar. There’s also an explore tab to help you find new groups. Look them up by genre, featured site or album. Once you found your artist, you’ll probably want to share, and for that there’s the big fat Share button – the gateway to the social networking world. If you click on the Trending tab, you get to taste a whole bunch of samples, as well “peak” at other users who liked the same songs or artists as you did.

If you’re not such a big fan of heading over to the site and accessing your account every time you feel the need for a little something in the audio department, there’s other options to do it. You can get a Chrome extension or you can just download the apps for iPhone or Android from their local markets. Now everybody can broaden their musical perspective!

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