Mozilla Introduces Experimental API For Web Payments In Firefox OS

“Mozilla wants to introduce a common web API to make payments easy and secure on web devices yet still as flexible as the checkout button for merchants.” And, the foundation has developed a payment service API to support in-app purchases in Firefox OS.

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While pitching its vision of a “common web API to make payments,” Mozilla pointed the drawbacks of the currently available payment systems on the web. These include – lack of choice for users over payment option, use of actual credit card number during payments, and the issues the merchants have to face to manage all these.

Mozilla’s web payment API is partly based on Google Wallet. However, it is modified to support multiple payment providers and carrier billing.

A blog post by Kumar McMillan of Mozilla describes the technicalities of the implementation in detail.

“Mozilla plans to work with other vendors through the W3C to reach consensus on a common API that supports web payments in the best way possible,” notes McMillan. Mozilla wants to integrate the API with Firefox for Android and desktop Firefox, after the solution is implemented in Firefox OS.

Source: Mozilla

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