Evernote Launches New Sync Engine, Syncs Documents 4X Faster

The last year hasn’t exactly been a great one for Evernote, in terms of the feedback from users. The company is apparently looking to change that by significantly improving its services and apps. As a start, Evernote has launched a new sync engine.


When Evernote was originally launched, taking notes on smartphones and tablets was still a new idea. Back then, people loved the idea of being able to take quick notes on their mobile devices and then access these notes on their regular computers.

But now, Evernote users have gone from keeping and sharing notes to sharing and bookmarking images, videos, presentations, even entire books. So today, more than ever, Evernote needs a fast syncing mechanism so that the sheer bulk of this data that is being transferred by its users reaches the destination quickly.

The new sync engine launched by the company seems to handle that well. Evernote says that it is up to four times faster than the last sync engine. In other words, you will see a very significant difference in the time it takes for your Evernote files to sync.

If you don’t routinely share a lot of files using Evernote, the difference may not be noticeable. But if you are a power user, you will certainly register a huge improvement in the speed of syncing. Evernote is also in the process of updating its apps so that they can make the most of this new sync engine. Since the company started this year with a resolve to win back the confidence of its users, we surely can hope for more upgrades and improvements in Evernote apps soon.

Source: Evernote
Courtesy: Engadget

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