Tweeting Sensor Posts Online Temperature And Humidity Data

A newly released gadget from UC Technology, Tweeting Sensor sends tweets at preset intervals revealing the temperature and humidity from its surroundings. Users can check out all this data using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer even if they are away. Users who want to make the best out of this new device have to follow some simple steps.

First, the Tweeting Sensor needs to be connected to the Internet and the AC adapter needs to be plugged in. A slave unit can also be connected in order to allow a wireless sensor that measures temperature, humidity, and sunshine. This sensor sends automatically all the data at regular intervals. The connection range is of about 40 m, but a relay unit plugged into a wall socket could add 60 more meters.

The preset time when Tweeting Sensor posts data about temperature, humidity, and sunshine is of 60 seconds. The sensor is able to keep measuring and transmitting a year without the users needing to change the two AA batteries. That means the gadget needs yearly maintenance and there is no need for the user to buy expensive rechargeable batteries, the disposable ones will do just fine. The device could prove an useful tool for people who need to check remotely temperature and humidity in locations like wine cellars. The units has a price tab of $520 and the manufacturer announced they could reach an sales volume of 10,000 units yearly.


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