Not Fair? Google Adding Google+ Brand Pages in Search Results?

Even, with the holiday coming, Google keeps busy and rolls out a new modification almost every week. So, starting of today, Google seems to have opened the gate towards complete integration of Google+ updates from official brand pages within search results. Google+ Plus Brand Pages are a new addition to the Google list as well, as they were launched a couple of months ago, with the intent of connecting brands with their costumers in a more effective way.

More effective than Facebook Brand Pages, probably. Large companies like IBM or Vodafone, already have a Google+ brand page, and things keep growing. Now, when users view the search results of some random query, they can add those particular results to their profile, provided they have a Google+ profile of course. To view comments about each post linked from the search results, users will have to click on the Google+ updates.

Google will continue on with the quest of integrating as much as possible of the Google+ social network into its search and of course other Google feats, using the same technology it has used now: Direct Connect. Google is momentarily running trials of Direct Connect with very important brands like AT&T and Toyota, but the company will most likely make this available to all brands.


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