Click A Taxi Reaches 50 Countries, Updates Mobile Apps

In recent years, we have seen a number of taxi networks tied to mobile apps and thus offering a unique transport solution. However, among such services, Click A Taxi is the only company that can boast to be truly global, having expanded itself to 50 countries. The company has now dished out redesigned mobile apps.

Click A Taxi

Currently, Click A Taxi offers taxi services in more than 5,000 cities and has a huge fleet of 300,000 taxis. Having recently expanded rapidly to a number of new regions, the company has been working on redesigned mobile apps and has finally released them.

The redesigned apps still pack a fairly simple interface which relies on Google Maps to discern your location and destination. After discerning your current location, the app lets you know of the available taxi companies that have registered with it and are, thus, reliable.

Once you select the taxi company you wish to contact, you hit ‘Book’ and an automatic request is sent to that company. You then need to furnish other details, such as the pick-up time, date etc. Moreover, you also get to choose the type of car you want for your travel, together with the seating capacity.

Given the sheer scope of Click A Taxi, it has become a major player in the arena of taxi networks. Commenting on the updated apps, the CEO of Click A Taxi, Soren Halskov Nissen, stated, “We all have great free apps that work anywhere we travel: e.g. Google Maps, Airbnb and Yelp are essential tools and we expect them to work wherever we are. Click A Taxi is the first taxi app built on the same principles. We will help get you a taxi wherever you are.”

If you wish to download Click A Taxi app, hit the links below.

Click A Taxi – Android

Click A Taxi – iOS

Click A Taxi – Windows Phone

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