Oyster App Lets You Read Unlimited Books For $9.95 A Month

Book rentals are nothing new and they have been around for quite some time now. Oyster is a new app which claims that it is the ‘Netflix for books.’ The app lets you rent unlimited books for $9.95 per month and has a huge catalog of books to choose from.


Oyster app currently lets you choose from 100,000 book titles and this number is continuously growing. Being able to select any of these books and read as many of them as possible within a month, for a mere $9.95 is certainly a very sweet deal.

Once a user starts using the app, it is able to discern his reading habits and then suggest books based on his likes and interests. These recommendations are displayed very neatly on the home screen, much like Netflix shows off its movie recommendations.

According to Eric Stromberg, one of the founders of the app, “We focus on three things to ensure readers discover great books: editorial sets, algorithmic recommendations, and social activity.¬†As we gain insight into the preferences and activity of readers as well as the similarities among books, recommendations will become more highly personalized.”

The best thing is that compared to other online book-rental services, Oyster’s recommendations seem far more apt and accurate. The visual design of the app is also such that it rivals other best offerings in the book-rentals arena. Currently, the app is available for iPhone handsets and is invite-only, although we hope that if it takes off well, the company may release one for Android too.

Source: Oyster
Courtesy: Arstechnica

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