Secure Your Keys By Keeping A Copy In Cloud With KeyMe

Most of us have faced such instances where we lost our keys, had to go through a lot of pain to get a new copy and then finally got access back to our house or our car. KeyMe is a new startup which lets you store digital copies of your keys in the cloud, which can be immensely helpful in the event that you lose any of them.


This is how KeyMe works: you take photos of both sides of any given key and then save them in the cloud. In this way, these digital copies are very secure and you can access them from your smartphone or tablet at any time. For now, this can be accomplished through an iOS app which is already available.

Now, if you ever lose any of these keys, all you need to do is retrieve the digital copy of that key and order a copy of it straight from this app. The app lets you order them for a price which starts at $4.99. However, one slight drawback of ordering an online copy is that it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive at your doorstep.

A more viable and useful alternate is that you simply retrieve the digital copies of these keys and take them to a key vendor. The vendor will then be able to create an exact copy simply by looking at these images and you won’t have to wait a lot or undergo a lot of hassle to get a new copy of the key. For now, the app is available for free but to use different features, you will have to dish out $9.99.

Courtesy: TechSpot

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