Splarchive: Store Documents Online and Convert Them to PDF for Better Accessibility

Digital documents often carry important information. These document files can come in a variety of file formats; from DOCX to PPT, the document can be of any nature. Unfortunately not all computers or smartphones have the software to handle all these document formats. One format that is handles by nearly all these devices is PDF.

Smartphones and eBook readers have native PDF support and reading these files on a computer is not a problem at all. To ensure that your important documents are accessible on all these devices from anywhere you must therefore first have them converted into the PDF format and stored online. This is precisely what a web service called Splarchive does for you.

Splarchive is a wonderful web service that makes nearly all document file types viewable online. After you create an account on the site you can upload files by emailing your documents to upload@splarchive.com through your registered email address. You can attach multiple documents but your files should not be larger than 5MB and each email should not contain more than 10 attachment.


Your documents are received by Splarchive and processed so that they are viewable on the site in a special interface. You can highlight a document page thumbnail on the left while it is magnified on the right. This way you can read your documents through any device that provides you with internet access.


In case you would like to download your uploaded files in the PDF format click on the “Download My Stuff” link in the top. The PDF version of your files will be packed in a ZIP archive and made available for download.


You can easily transfer these PDF files to other devices and read them there.

Splarchive offers its users 20MB of free online storage. To increase this value you must opt for the site’s premium services.

The 20MB storage does seem to be little but it should not be a problem if you download your PDFs and then remove them from the site by emailing a request to the site’s support staff. That way you could free up storage space in your account and continue to make use of this excellent web service.

Check out Splarchive @ https://splarchive.com/

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