Google To Offer Unlimited Drive Storage To Students And Teachers

Few months ago, Google launched Classroom, a free tool which helps teachers create and organize assignments, provide feedback to their students, and communicate with their classes. And now it seems like Google is in a very jolly mode. Now, Google has decided to offer students and teachers unlimited drive storage soon.

Google Drive

Google wants to make backpacks a thing of the past by letting students store all of their files online, and so it has decided to give those students, teachers and anyone else using a Google Apps for Education account unlimited drive storage. At present, people can keep files of up to a whopping 5TB in size on Google Drive.

But there’s a bit catch to get the unlimited drive storage. Just being a student isn’t enough to get this account — you’ll have to attend an institution that supports Google’s education suite. It should be a pretty compelling offer for many, especially given that it’s free to nonprofit educational institutions.

No doubt, bringing unlimited storage to students and teachers is really praiseworthy. For those people who have good reason to use Google Drive and but don’t have funds to afford it somehow, this is a golden chance.

Source: Google

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