Google Music Unofficial Extansion For Google Chrome

There is no official extension Google Music for Chrome and not even an app in the Chrome Web Store, but you can now install a really cool third-party extension called Better Music Beta. install a really cool third-party extension called “Better Music Beta, adds a button that shows information about the currently playing song, lets you pause the song, go to the next song, add a thumbs up or a thumbs down…………


Level 2 Studios has come up with an unofficial extension for Google Chrome that gives you the option to listen to your Google Music from the browser without having to open up the website. With the extension, users can song scrobble, love songs on Last.FM, Google thumbs up/down, show desktop notifications, switch playlists and of course the usual functions such as start, pause, stop, skip and so on. If you’re a Chrome user, have a Google Music account and have been looking for a better way to control your music, you can’t go wrong with this extension. It’s available from the Google webstore for Chrome. Even though the extension is in beta right now, it’s as functional as they get for now.



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