What Is Microsoft Azure?

What Is Microsoft Azure? Think of it as a commodity like Gas or Electricity. And what do you use it for-to replace on-premise computing power requirements!


What Is Microsoft Azure

Think of it as a utility. Are you finding it hard to visualize? Well, here is a quick analogy!

Think of Microsoft Azure as being similar to common commodities like Gas or Electricity! Now think that you are inside an Office Space. So. how do you expect the Electricity usage pattern to change as workload increases? Well, no doubt that it will be at its peak in the early hours of office time. And it will be close to zero after everyone has left the office for the day!

The usage of Electricity rises and drops depending on the number of computers or other electronic devices running at any given time. Well, that must be simple to visualize. Similarly, the requirement of computing power for an Office Space change as workload increase and decrease.

This is where Microsoft Azure comes in! Microsoft Azure is a Cloud-Based service that replaces the need for traditional on-premises computing hardware.

What are the Benefits?


  • Payment for Hardware.
  • Payment for Software.
  • Licensing.
  • Floor Space.
  • Electricity.
  • Maintenance.
  • Repair Cost.

Woah! There you go! I just listed out all the factors that are all Expense Accounts for a business given that they are using on-premises computing hardware.

But if a business entity chooses to use the Microsoft Azure service instead, they can avoid all these expense accounts. That is just the monetary reward. What are some of the other rewards? First of all, an IT firm can innovate more often knowing they can test their Application at a very low cost and risk. This is actually an intangible reward yet a very promising one!

Even if their new application turns out to be good-for-nothing garbage, they are saving the money required to buy extra storage capacity to test it. And most importantly, firms will get a boost in their confidence to innovate more.

Furthermore, the need for Azure does not end at the application development level. After an application proves to be ready for market deployment, firms can use the Azure cloud services to do so as well!

Also, the Azure is a pay as you grow service. What this means is you don’t have to buy a fixed amount of online computing capacity. Azure keeps track of your usage and only charges for the amount you used.

Wrapping Up!

Please let us know if you still find Azure to be rocket science. Actually, it is rocket science for the ones working behind it, but for the end users, it is as easy as playing Pacman.

Hopefully, we will cover more on Microsoft Azure and IOT in the coming days! Do drop by for new blogs every week. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Microsoft Team vs Slack!

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