Wikipedia Starts Offering Real-Time Editing Map

Over the last few years, Wikipedia has emerged as the top go-to place to gather any kind of information. This was possible because it turned into an crowd-sourced encyclopedia which is written and edited by thousands of people around the globe. Wikipedia has recently offered a real-time map which shows who is editing what articles.

Wikipedia edits

Given the sheer size of Wikipedia, it is obvious that at any given time, more than one people are busy editing a number of articles. These Wikipedia users proofread different articles, check them for correct formatting, add any information if need be and make sure that any information that goes on the website is not only accurate and authentic but also unbiased.

It is precisely this method that has made Wikipedia such a hit. The website offers detailed information on all the topics it covers and is known for providing both sides of any controversial issue.

The website has now dished out a new tool which shows all the edits happening in real-time. For instance, if a person sitting in Japan is editing an article about technology, the map would show not only his general location but also the article he is editing.

The best part is that, if you follow the links that are attached to these locations, you can see that the person editing them is doing an excellent job. Many Wikipedia editors have to adjust articles for tone, grammar and clean them of any extra jargon. This is diligent work and yet, thousands of editors from around the globe are happy to do so.

Courtesy: Pop Sci

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