Don’t Fall For This New Apple ID Phishing Scam Sent Out Through Email

Apparently, it appears that hackers have decided to target Apple customers by dishing out fake emails. These emails are typical phishing scams, pretending to be directly from Apple and asking the users for their Apple IDs and passwords.

Apple ID

What is different about this new phishing attack is that it comes with a fairly impressive attempt at authenticity. The email that is sent out to the users looks quite formal and well-designed, imitating the interface that Apple typically uses for its press releases and official emails.

However, the scam becomes transparent when the link provided in the email is examined. The link redirects the user to an untrusted website and its top-level domain extension belongs to Tokelau. Naturally, that is a clear give-away since Apple’s official emails don’t originate from such obscure destinations.

Apple ID scam

The email itself tells the user that ‘Your Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons!’ and then asks the user to follow the aforementioned suspicious link. Once you browse the link, you are asked to furnish your Apple ID and password which, as is obvious, go straight to whoever is pulling this scam.

If you receive this email, do not click on the link. Moreover, it can’t be stressed more that never provide your Apple ID credentials on any non-Apple site. To verify that you provide them only on the official Apple website, browse to the site yourself and then provide the credentials. Such scams are fairly common and with just a discerning eye, you will be able to keep yourself safe from them.

Courtesy: TUAW

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