AT&T Finally Launches Digital Life Security And Monitoring Service

Back in January this year, AT&T was showing off a home automation system of its own. The company has finally made the system available and will be rolling it out in 15 markets.

AT&T Digital Life

AT&T’s home automation and monitoring system, namely Digital Life, is a very comprehensive solution. It lets you keep tabs on your home’s energy consumption as well as monitor its security remotely on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Especially when it comes to security, AT&T is offering a whole plethora of features.

Digital Life includes sensors which will be placed on the doors and windows around the house and multiple cameras which will be inter-connected to give you an overall view of your house.

Moreover, the system also offers sensors to detect smoke, fire and a whole range of other minor catastrophes that may possibly occur inside a house. The best thing about Digital Life is that all the security features included in it are directly connected to a broadband connection, which essentially means that you can remotely access them whenever you want.

AT&T has already rolled out iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for Digital Life and has pointed out that the application is also available on most of the browsers. The service is currently being rolled out in 15 markets including Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colo, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Riverside, Calif., San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and select areas of the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.

You can choose between two packages that AT&T is offering to avail this home automation and monitoring service. The Simple Security package includes 24/7 monitoring, keychain remote, wireless keypad, 24-hour battery backup as well as an indoor siren. It costs $150 for equipment and installation as well as an additional $30 per month.

However, if you want to get a more sophisticated security monitoring system, you can opt for Smart Security. This package offers carbon monoxide sensor, smoke sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor as well as the standard features included in Simple Security package. It costs $250 for installation and equipment as well as $40 per month.

Courtesy: CNET

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