To Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks, Regular Penetration Testing is Key

Regular Proactive Testing of Your System is a Must


High profile security breaches regularly dominate the headlines, and hackers keep developing ever more complex and sophisticated ways of intercepting data.

It’s clear that anti-virus software, firewalls, and a hopeful attitude no longer cut it in today’s environment. So what can your business do to protect sensitive information and avoid the kinds of data breaches that compromised the personal information of close to 29 million Facebook users last year?

Regular Proactive Testing of Your System is a Must

Penetration tests, sometimes called ‘pen tests’, provide businesses with insight about where security gaps exist in their systems and allow for the accurate assessment of your IT security levels.

A pen test is a bit like a ‘friendly’ hacking experience done under safe, controlled circumstances and will allow you to discover where your system’s vulnerabilities are before the hackers do. It simulates attacks and exposes vulnerabilities caused by bugs in your software, insecure settings, code mistakes, configuration errors and other common weaknesses.

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