Google Starts Auto-Blocking Of Malware Downloads In New Chrome Build

Malware are one of the most widespread security threat to modern computing machines and devices. Several browsers have tried to build functionality to warn users when they try to download a malicious file. Google, too, has now added automatic malware blocking to the latest build of Chrome browser.


Malware typically need to download to a user’s machine and from there, they can disguise themselves in many different ways, making it really hard to root them out. Downloading malware usually is an innocent mistake on the part of the user, often a result of visiting a malware-infected website.

Browsers are a safety valve in that they can alert the user if he is, knowingly or unknowingly, trying to download a malware. The new feature, now added to the latest build of Chrome, is excellent in that it automatically blocks downloads which comprise of a malware. Users can choose to ‘Dismiss’ the message and go on with the download.

Chrome malware block

According to Google, “These malicious programs disguise themselves so you won’t know they’re there and they may change your homepage or inject ads into the sites you browse. Worse, they block your ability to change your settings back and make themselves hard to uninstall, keeping you trapped in an undesired state.”

The feature is still a part of the Canary build of Chrome and it is open to speculation as to when Google may decide to make it a part of the regular Chrome. However, it can be hoped that building on this, Google will soon improve the security features of its browser significantly.

Source: Chrome

Courtesy: TNW

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