Google to Launch “Good to Know” Campaign to Educate the Public About Privacy Issues

Dozens of US high profile newspapers as well as billboards in New York and Washington will display information about what actions the netizens have to take in order to protect them online. The campaign is focused on tips and practical advices and is also meant to raise awareness about what information a user can share over Internet and what he or she should definitely keep private. Google originally launched the “Good to Know” campaign in October, and at the time the target audience was the British public.

Google had a tough time lately when accused by U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that the giant search engine has preferential treatment for its own products and specially the social network Google Plus and by doing so it violates antitrust laws. Apparently, FTC reached to the conclusion that an thorough investigation is required after Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Washington advocacy group, pointed out that the search option could jeopardize users privacy and could infringe antitrust legislation. Twitter Inc. also joined the complainants and raised awareness about Google playing an unfair game that could harm competitors.

Under the circumstances, Google could have an ulterior motive launch the campaign and that could rely on the company’s need to repair image. When it comes to violating antitrust laws, the battle is elsewhere, but when it comes to privacy issues all the public’s concern might translate for Google in significant losses.


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