Snowden Is ‘Probably Not’ A Russian Spy, Says NSA Chief

When Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA’s unconstitutional mass surveillance, many including Rep. Michael Rogers went berserk in trying to brand him a traitor. Now, as the Chief Admiral of NSA, Rogers seem to have taken a dose of sanity and said that Snowden is ‘probably not’ a Russian spy.

NSA Chief Michael Rogers

This is the first sane statement from him since the Snowden issue started. When the PRISM documents first revealed the extent of data that Snowden had leaked from NSA, Rogers came down with full-throttle on him.

In his own words some time ago, “The NSA contractor is definitely under the influence of Russian officials. We know that he was in China, Hong Kong anyway, and in Russia today. We have seen patterns and activities that lead us to believe that some or all of that information is being worked through by those intelligence services and putting the U.S. at risk.”

Naturally, it may be hard to discern whether these are the words of a very senior U.S. official or the hollow right-wing nutcase analysis from an obviously biased channel like Fox News. It would be prudent to recall that every time the authorities have taken it upon themselves to define patriotism, it has resulted in human rights abuses nationwide.

And now that Mike Rogers has recovered from his mistake and admitted that Snowden is ‘probably not’ a Russian spy, who is going to deduct brownie points from his charts over the previous vociferous proclamations to the contrary? In negating most of the hogwash surfaced by him previously, the latest statement from Rogers read, “Could he have? Possibly. Do I believe that’s the case? Probably not.”

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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