Hacker Breaks Into Baby Monitor, Parents Worry

Baby monitors are usually used by parents to ensure that they can keep an eye on their kids at all times. However, a hacker was recently able to break into the baby monitor of a family in Houston and then went out to shout obscenities at a two-year old.

Baby monitors

The two-year old, who had the baby monitor in her room, was luckily asleep when the hacker started shouting obscenities at her. When the parents walked into the room, the hacker also verbally abused them before they unplugged the monitor.

This incident has raised serious concerns because parents usually rely on baby monitors to keep an eye on their kids. But if hackers can break into such monitors with ease, this essentially puts the kids at a great risk.

The baby monitor in the aforementioned incident was connected to the Wi-Fi network of the family, which is how the hacker gained access to the monitor. It isn’t exactly clear which company’s baby monitor was being used by the family but hints indicate that it was a Foscam FI9821P.

When it comes to Foscam monitors, they usually come with the default username and password set at ‘admin.’ Oftentimes, parents don’t change these default settings which means that any hacker with even fleeting knowledge of Foscam monitors may be able to break into a baby monitor set at default username/password.

Courtesy: CNET

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