Teenager Arrested For Changing Grades By Hacking School Computers

Hacking is done for a whole lot of reasons, but rarely do we see a hacker breaking into school computers simply to change grades. This was precisely the charge brought up against an 18-year-old Miami student who was arrested.

Teenager hacker

Jose Bautista decided to change his own grades as well as those of four other students by breaking into the computer system of a High School. The reporting is obscure on the point of exactly how did the principal of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School became aware of this hack.

All the reports tell is that the principal was somehow able to obtain a written confession from the student who hacked into the school machines. Commenting on the act, a fellow student stated, “It’s not fair to the people that really try.┬áLike, I know a lot of kids are in AP classes, and they try really hard to get the grades that they get. I don’t know, if you’re just going to be lazy and then change your grades, that’s not what learning is about.”

The attorney representing Bautista downplayed the exaggerations of the media and the school faculty. Although Bautista has been slammed with four different charges, the attorney stated, “There’s no legal basis for four counts of either of the charges since there’s nothing specifically alleged as to the number of times this was allegedly done.”

Bautista was later released on a $20,000 bond. According to the authorities, he will continue to be under house arrest for a while and is required to wear a GPS monitor in the interim.

Source: WSVN

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