Microsoft Joins Efforts To Replace Passwords With Better Authentication Technologies

Digital passwords are used for virtually every online service these days. However, passwords have turned out to be predictable, crackable and overall, vulnerable. Microsoft has now joined hands with an alliance which aims to replace online passwords with better technologies.


The problem with passwords is that sooner or later, they can be cracked with the right kind of tools. Not only that, hackers tend to steal password hash files, even from entities such as LinkedIn. So companies have to continue protecting the passwords themselves as well as the files storing the password hashes.

Over the years, this has proved futile. This is probably why a number of tech giants such as Google, Lenovo and LG are working in a concerted effort called the FIDO Alliance which aims to replace the passwords. FIDO Alliance was founded back in 2012 and now, it has a huge supporter in the form of Microsoft which has joined the team.

There are a number of viable alternatives to the currently prevalent form of passwords and with such tech giants on board, it can be hoped that FIDO Alliance will come up with a breakthrough soon enough. Currently, the body is working on ‘standardizing authentication technologies will lead to better interoperability and innovations in biometrics, PINs (personal identification numbers) and secondary authentication technologies.’

Despite such industry-wide support, it will be a while before all the hurdles to a good enough alternative are overcome. Until then, we are stuck with the need to change our passwords on a regular basis, which is out best refuge for now.

Courtesy: Network World

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