Thieves Using Tiny Cameras To Steal Credit-Card Info From NYC Subway

At present, thieves have become smart too. Lately, it’s been reported that some clever thieves are now using tiny cameras to steal credit card info from NYC subway.

Tiny Camera Placed At NYC Subway

Lately, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has found a hidden camera and a skimming device in a MetroCard vending machine at the 59 Street-Columbus Circle station. The camera was placed into a plug adapter and attached to the top of the machine. Therefore, whenever customers used to insert their cards into the machine and enter their PIN or ZIP code, the hidden camera was able to record video. In other words, using the hidden camera, thieves were stealing customers PIN or ZIP code. Here’s the plug adapter from above:

plug adapter from above

Luckily a customer discovered the tiny hidden camera, removed it and informed MTA. And after that, now MTA has warned New Yorkers to keep an eye out for hidden cameras installed in MetroCard vending machines. The authority has warned people to check their bank statements too. Now, the authority has dispatched agents citywide to ensure other MetroCard vending machines aren’t secretly hiding skimming hardware.

Source: MTA New York City Transit

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