Yahoo Japan: 22 Million User IDs Leaked

Yahoo is back in the tech headlines every once in a while. And most of the times, it is for all the wrong reasons. The company has repeatedly been criticized for having systems which turn out to be insecure. Now, Yahoo Japan has revealed that it suspects that the IDs of some 22 million of its users have been leaked.


The leak is not confirmed yet and Yahoo Japan is currently looking into it. According to Yahoo Japan Corp, it recently unearthed an unauthorized attempt to access the main administrative system. The system stores the IDs of millions of users who use these IDs to access the online web portal of the company.

For now, the company doesn’t know whether or not the intruder was able to access these IDs and it is in the process of investigating the extent of the damage done.

Thankfully for these users, even if the intruder was able to access the IDs of the users, he wouldn’t be able to do much damage since the passwords and other login data is stored separately. Nonetheless, the IDs can be used by a person with nefarious intents to push out adware and similar other malicious software to the users.

According to the company, the attempt was made at 9 p.m. on Thursday and that as soon as it has any further information on the incident, it will share it with the users. It must be noted here that the Japanese wing of Yahoo is only partially owned by Yahoo itself.

Source: Reuters

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