Bangladeshi Hacker Defaces Google’s Kenyan Domain

Google is among the popular website around most of the world. So naturally, when any one of the search giant’s domains run into trouble, it is propelled into limelight. Recently, a Bangladeshi hacker targeted Google’s Kenyan domain name by hacking and defacing it.

Google Kenya hack

The incident occurred on Monday and the hacker involved in the incident goes by the online nick TiGER-M@TE. He has hacked and defaced a number of high-profile websites in the past and this time, his axe has fallen on Google’s Kenya page,

The site was defaced by TiGER-M@TE who set it up with a black background and any users who visited the site could hear a music playing in the background. The hacker hasn’t revealed any specific reason as to why he has hacked the website. So it seems the defacement was done simply as what the black-hat hacker community deems ‘for the lulz.’ Thankfully, access to the actual page was soon restored and the domain is now functioning normally.

The hack was apparently accomplished with the help of DNS poisoning and attempts were also made to deface the Kenya domains of other major websites such as LinkedIn and Bing.

Courtesy: The Hacker News


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