WordPress Starts Accepting Bitcoins

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. Whereas you can easily create a free blog on WordPress, getting advanced features requires purchasing premium upgrades. And, to receive payments, WordPress has added a new payment method – bitcoins.

Wordpress Bitcoin payment

According to WordPress folks, they have added this new method because other, more conventional online payment methods, may not work for users in a number of countries. For instance, PayPal is limited to only a few countries and can’t be utilized by users from more than 60 countries.

Similarly, credit cards too have their limitations. Although credit cards are more readily available for the users of a greater number of countries, they are still not an option for users in a number of countries.

To resolve this problem, WordPress now allows its users to make use of Bitcoins to pay for premium upgrades. At the checkout, WordPress has added the new option that you can avail if you have a bitcoin wallet on another bitcoin website.

When paying with a credit card, it takes you some time in filling in the details. But when buying a WordPress upgrade with bitcoins, it takes only a few moments. For now, the option of using bitcoins is available for a number of WordPress products but not all of them.

The platform promises that within the next two or three months, it will start accepting bitcoins for all of its purchases. This is great news for WordPress users and will help a greater number of people to lay their hands on advanced WordPress features.

Source: WordPress

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