Asian Carp Devouring Other Fishes, America Plans To Kill It

Asian Carps have been a popular food fish in Asia for thousands of years. But according to US wildlife officials, Asian Carps are voracious animals. The US wildlife officials have seen that the country’s other fishes that live in river are massively decreasing because of this Asian Carps. Therefore, major US wildlife officials have agreed that Asian Carps must be killed.

Asian Carp

In the US, Asian Carps are considered to be an invasive species. In the past few years, the carps have reproduced itself at a tremendous speed. These fishes prey other fishes. Lately, the Asian Carps have been found in Ohio and Mississippi rivers. And interestingly, the US wildlife officials have found that the number of other fishes in those rivers have drastically been abated.

The wildlife officials are sure that Asian Carps have gobbled those fishes, living in those rivers. Now, the officials doubt that Asian Carps may enter the Great Lakes and devours the fishes there one by one. If the Asian Carps make it up there — researchers say this could happen within the next 20 years — they will devastate the entire ecosystem. Therefore, researchers are scrambling to develop ways to eliminate the noxious invasive fish.

Thanks To: The Verge

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