Body Tattoo Vibrates When Someone Calls You?

Nokia is always busy doing something different. At present, the giant mobile company Nokia wants to make an electronic tattoo that would vibrate (even in silent mode) on the body, whenever the phone rings. You can set different types of vibration pattern based on person. You can easily understand who is calling you based on your tattoo vibration pattern. It’s like a body-based caller ID system.

According to the Nokia’s patent application, The system could work in 2 ways. The first one is using a detachable electronic material that could peel off the skin. The peelable circuitry could detect a magnetic field and cause a vibration, possibly through piezoelectrics. So, when someone calls your mobile, the mobile sends a signal to the haptic material which creates vibration in a certain pattern. The second one is using a ferromagnetic ink to permanently imprint this material onto your skin. Any type of tattoo would be magnetized later. As the phone rings, it could recognize a magnetic field from your mobile.

“A user of an electronic device may specify in settings of the device that when the caller is defined to be ‘Bob’ in accordance to the phone book of the mobile device, a magnetic field is induced by the electronic device in addition to the ring tone and other possible alert, like visual,” the application says.

Question is how long people will accept this? Because, right now, you can keep your phone totally in silent mode and sleep. No disturbance. But, imagine, you are sleeping and your body vibrates and you wake up. You wake up and see it’s 3:00 am. How would you feel? Don’t forget to write something about this.

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  1. Tsais_eredar

    You already know where a vibrating tatoo would be the most fun…

    Those Finns…

  2. roccohaines

    That is really awesome I am really impressed with it. I noticed that it has the perfect finishing in making it more wonderful and no doubt the body shape is also perfect so that the tattoo looks more fine.

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