[Breaking News] Barack Obama Beats Republican Candidate Mitt Romney

Few hours before we have seen people in the U.S. were busy voting for their next President. All were having a great palpitation with one question “Who will win this year’s Presidential election? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” And, finally the excitement is over. Barack Obama has beat Republican candidate Mitt Romney for the President election.

Barack Obama After Elected As U.S President

This year’s President election has created the most competitive election battle ever in the history of U.S. Presidential election. The polling results published every now and then clearly stated that President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney were readying for a tough fight.

Many states have completed the voting procedures. Now, the counting process is going on. Obama has already won in crucial states including Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Till now Barack Obama has won 303 electoral votes and Mitt Romney has got 203. Still some results are pending. But with more than 270 electoral votes, Obama has already secured the next four years in White House.

Source : BBC

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