Chinese Court Sent 7 People To Jail In “Kidney For iPad” Case

Imagine, you want to buy an iPhone 5 and an iPad, but you don’t have sufficient money to buy those two. But you are determined to buy those at any cost. The question is, to what lengths can you go for that? Would you sell one of your kidneys? I’m sure, you won’t do that. But a 17-year old high school student did so. A Chinese court ordered yesterday to send a surgeon and six other people who were involved in this case to jail.

17-year old high school student Wang from Anhui Province in China wanted to buy an iPhone and iPad. But he did not have sufficient money to buy those. Through an online chat room, Wang found that a group was searching for a kidney. He decided to sell one of his kidneys. He contacted a group organ traffickers and made a deal of selling one of his kidneys.

Wang’s family members were unaware of this matter. However, Wang’s kidney was transplanted to a recipient (name has not been revealed) in Chenzhou on April 28, 2011. After the transplantation, Wang received 22,000 yuan (US$3,529), and later he bought an iPhone and an iPad with that money. On the other side, since the transplantation, Wang started to suffer from bad abdomen pain. Later on, this abdomen pain went extremely terrible and he suffered renal failure. At that point, Wang told his mother what he had done to buy an iPhone and iPad.

Wang’s mother reported to police and police started investigating. Police suspected nine people to have been involved with the kidney transplantation matter and arrested them. When they were presented in Beihu District People’s Court in Chenzhou City, the court sent seven defendants to jail and released the other two because of their minor roles.

He Wei was the person with whom Wang contacted initially to sell his kidney. Wei organized the illegal transplantation in April 2011. For organizing this illegal kidney transplantation, Wei earned 56,360 yuan (US$9,050). The court sent him to jail for five years. Surgeon Song Zhongyu made the kidney transplantation. He was given 52,000 yuan (US$8350) for the transaction. The court ordered to send him jail for three years with a reprieve of five years. Court ordered to send the rest five defendants to jail ranging from one year to four years. These five defendants and the other two defendants who has been released received their share from Song.

Court ruled that out of these nine defendants, five were main culprits; four others, including two nurses, a surgical assistant and an anesthesiologist, were tried as accessories. Court ordered nine defendants to pay a compensation worth more than 1.47 million yuan (US$23,602) to Wang.

Source : Shanghai Daily

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