Google’s Eric Schmidt Offers Tech Insights In ‘The New Digital Age’

We live in an era where technology has paramount importance and has become an integral part of our lives. And Google has played a huge role in making this possible, being the undisputed champion of the web. Google’s former CEO and current chairman, Eric Schmidt, has offered his insights on the tech development in a book titled ‘The New Digital Age.’

The New Digital Age

Schmidt has extensive experience when it comes to creating, developing and launching tech products as well as a deep insight into how technology is evolving and what implications it may have in the coming days. He focuses on the expected future of technology in his new book, calling it an attempt of ‘brainstorming the future.’

The inspiration for the book came when Schmidt and the co-author of ‘The New Digital Age’, Jared Cohen witnessed the innovative ways in which Iraqis were using technology to help them in their lives. The duo then decided to explore exactly how technology is changing lives, an endeavor which led them to visit a number of countries over the course of past few years.

The book itself contains ideas on how technology may possibly be used, in the coming days, for the good of the people. For instance, the current generation of internet users will be leaving behind a treasure-trove of data that may remain digitally available for an indefinite period of time. For instance, a post you write on a blog may stay there for years and years to come, thus letting your children read it when they become internet users.

Cohen and Schmidt also talked about the issue of privacy in the book, since it is directly coupled with data accessibility online. The book states, “The option to ‘delete’ data is largely an illusion”, which is a fairly alarming revelation. So we still need to go a long way where our use of technology is able to strike a fair balance between adequate privacy and usefulness.

Courtesy: SF Gate

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